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Trademark Infringement

Business trademarks represent a significant investment of time, resources and money for companies. With the open communication and access to content on the Internet, trademark infringement has become, and continues to be, a significant problem. Almost all businesses have experienced at least one competitor using their trademarks without their consent to compete with it in some form or capacity. If your competitor is using your trademark:

then you need to contact Trademark Attorney Mark Ishman to work with you in formulating and implementing a legal action plan to protect your trademark.

Trademark Attorney Mark Ishman’s past legal action plans have included: (1) amicable telephone calls, e-mails and letters directly to the infringing party; (2) cease and desist letters sent directly to the infringement party resulting in concurrent use agreements; (3) demand letters sent directly to the infringing party resulting in trademark licensing fee agreements; (4) cease and desist letters sent directly to the infringing party resulting in executed settlement agreements; (5) simultaneously with one of the four identified plans, also contacting a necessary third party such as the infringing party’s search engine, domain name registrar, Internet service provider, payment processor, vendor or board member requesting their cooperation with us to resolve the matter; and (6) when necessary, filing a trademark infringement and related causes of action against the infringing party.

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