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Internet Privacy Attorney

A new and rapidly evolving area of law that Americans are having a great deal of concern about is the adequate protection of their sensitive personal data. Unfortunately, it is becoming more important than ever to have an Internet identity theft lawyer.

Both at a federal and state level, new laws have been enacted to protect personal data in the health care, financial services and Internet sectors. Moreover, our legislatures are drafting new privacy regulations during each legislative session. You need an Internet privacy lawyer that is aware of all of these new laws and knows how to make them work for you.

Internet Privacy Attorney Mark Ishman is taking a proactive approach to the protection of personal data by providing best practices advice and counseling on information security to ensure that potential risks are detected and resolved before a potential breach may occur.

Your Internet privacy attorney will assist you in developing effective compliance programs, conduct internal privacy and web site audits and handle affirmative and defensive litigation relating to privacy breaches in the health care, financial services and Internet industries.

We will zealously and aggressively assist our clients with regard to all aspects of:


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