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  • The Ishman Law Firm provides legal advice and counsel in the identified Areas of Practice. We pride ourselves at providing our legal services at comparable levels to much larger law firms, but at a fraction of the cost.
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Long before the economy took its downward spin, the Ishman Law Firm has been providing exceptional legal services to its clientele at a fair price. We have been able to do this for two reasons: (1) whenever reasonably possible, we provide our legal services to our clients under a flat fee or other cost-effective fee arrangement; and (2) we have minimal overhead expenses in operating our law firm.

We are able to keep our overhead expenses low because our attorneys work primary from their home offices, and meet routinely with our clients via email, conference calls, or at their offices. When appropriate, we will also take our clients out for a meal to discuss their legal needs. By operating our law firm under this format, we are able to pass down our savings to our clientele under our cost-effective fee arrangements.

We are able to attract top quality attorneys to our law firm because our attorneys work on matters that they choose and they are not required to meet ridiculous billable hour requirements. This arrangement means that you do not have to pay to have an attorney trained to work on your legal matter, or have your attorney invoice you for one-tenth of an hour for answering your question that you sent via email.

Additionally, we never want to put a barrier of any kind in between us and our clients. In this regard, our clients are never expected to pay for telephone calls with our attorneys that take less than 15 minutes in duration. This approach results with us having more direct communications with our clients, where we are able to provide valuable and timely advice and counsel to them.

Overall, this philosophy results in our law firm having strong and long-standing relationships with our clients, where time shows a history of our law firm guiding our clients successfully through their legal landmines.


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If you would like to do business with a law firm with this philosophy, then please contact the Ishman Law Firm via email or telephone at (919) 468-3266 to schedule a free initial telephone consultation.