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Copyright Application

If you operate any business, you need to protect its original work product. Such original works includes music, software, photographs, videos, websites, art, graphics and other original works. These are all just a few examples of original works that are entitled to copyright protection. If you would like a free evaluation of whether you should file a copyright application for your original work, please contact Copyright Attorney Mark Ishman.

Copyright attorney Mark Ishman provides his quality copyright application services under a flat fee arrangement, and will work with you to formulate the best plan for you and your situation in obtaining your copyright registration. The Ishman Law Firm wants your business and will beat any flat fee written offer for copyright application services that you present to the firm prior to your engagement of the law firm. To accept this offer, or to address your copyright application concerns, please contact copyright attorney Mark Ishman via email or telephone at (919) 468-3266 to schedule a free initial telephone consultation.

Additionally, if your business operations include conducting business through a website, then you must seriously consider filing for multiple copyrights and trademarks. If your competitors, former employees or disgruntled customers attempt to smear your business’ name through the posting of false and defamatory content, and if you have actually obtained copyright and trademark registrations for the intellectual property located within your website, then you will very likely have the tools to remove such false and defamatory contact from the Internet. Copyright Attorney Mark Ishman can assist you in developing and implementing a legal game plan to address foreseeable issues with the operation of your online business through your website.

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If you would like to do business with a law firm with this philosophy, then please contact the Ishman Law Firm via email or telephone at (919) 468-3266 to schedule a free initial telephone consultation.