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Affiliate Agreements

From contract drafting and negotiation to resolving Internet contract disputes, Internet Attorney Mark W. Ishman can assist you in drafting an affiliate marketing agreement specifically tailored to address your business’ assets and liabilities.  Internet Attorney Mark Ishman has experience in drafting affiliate marketing agreements from the perspective of both affiliate program providers and their affiliates.  Depending on whether you are the affiliate provider company or the affiliate, the issues that must be clearly addressed in your affiliate marketing agreement will differ greatly.  As an experienced Internet Attorney, Mark W. Ishman will guide you through these legal obstacles in protecting your interests. 

Other services that Internet Attorney Mark Ishman can assist your business in providing experienced contract negotiation and drafting involving Internet technologies include:


Negotiating and drafting contracts is vital role in the protection of your business’ rights and assets.  If you are providing Internet, technology related services to your customers, or working with a third-party vendor for such services, it is important that you consult with an Internet Lawyer to ensure your business is protected with a legally sound contact negotiated and drafted in the best interests of your business.

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